Time to wake up Wookies!

This is a short morning drive from Fontana, through Hellbender to the end of the Dragon and back. Traffic is light and the air is crisp. Time to stretch you & your cars legs.

Pacing is set at Moderate + as I was probably at the bonfire too late the night before and I’m going to have a coffee in quite possibly the worst cupholder ever designed.

Google maps says this takes 1:24 but even at my ‘slow’ pace its typically well under an hour.

Drive is limited to signups 12 per day. Check out the main drives page as I’ll be hosting this drive every morning of the event.

Group Leader: Matt Sump, Blue E36 M3 (Not a wookie but I am the website guy and my 8th WITW so…)

Pace: Moderate+

Staging: Thursday 8:00 am | Departure: 8:15 am

Staging Location: Grill Parking Lot

Radio: No one is awake yet so Channel 3 No Sub

Helen/Bell Mountain/Blood Mountain/Tapoco Loop


Length: Very long

Mileage: 220 miles

Estimated Driving Time: 5.5 to 6 Hours


A very long drive (hence the distorted map image) that takes you out of Fontana and south to Helen, GA with stops at Bell Mountain Lookout, (caution: this place may not be low car friendly, but makes for great photos and memories) Unicoi Lake Dam (internet famous Helen Dam photo location, you are technically not allowed to stop here for photos), Helen itself for a good lunch and gas break, then to Blood Mountain, returning you back the western route to Fontana through Tapoco. This is a long drive, leave early and expect traffic if you go to Helen on the weekend. Helen offers a lot to do so if you plan on taking this route do some research to see what you may be interested in.

April 13, 2023
Available Spots
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