Important update regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus 3/19/2020

WITW 2020 Officially Cancelled – PLEASE READ THIS THOROUGHLY

With updated guidelines put forth by the CDC, local authorities and Eventbrite we are forced to cancel the event and refund ticket purchasers*.

Expect a refund via your original payment method within 7-10 business days of this notice. 

There are currently many that still want to travel to the area and understand there are others that are going to stay home. While the situation is developing daily, we understand both sides. 

This communication is to note on record that the event is cancelled. For those that are still planning to travel to the area, no official WITW gatherings/events will be taking place. We urge everyone to follow the current policies set forth for social distancing and hygiene. There are no alternate weekends to accommodate a group this size so we look forward to the 2021 event.

We are working with sponsors and logistics for alternate .:Raffle options. Most likely we will defer to the 2021 event, but if we are able to offer an alternate solution, that will be communicated.   

We are just as bummed about this as many of you are but the safety and wellbeing of all #witwfam is paramount. 

Each year WITW takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to make happen. To be transparent, we (mostly Abe) have already invested a considerable amount of funds as we were ramping up for the 2020 event. 

Update 3-23-20:Thanks to everyone for your generous donations. Recuperation of expenses is already complete! Any additional funds received after this point will be donated to our charities. In the event a charity is in more need (such as finding a vaccine for this thing) we will notify of where any funds are going.

Update 5-15-20: Swag packs are sold out, thanks again for all your support and see you in 2021!

Alternation Donation Option:

To those with Fontana Village Reservations (IMPORTANT!): 

Your 2020 reservation and deposit will automatically be moved to 2021 at no charge (Same April 17-18th weekend in 2021) .

If you already canceled for 2020 your reservation WILL NOT BE MOVED AUTOMATICALLY TO 2021.

If you wish to travel to the area for the 2020 weekend YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE A NEW RESERVATION.

This is not our choice on how this is being handled but in our contract with Fontana. Those that were already booked for 2020 are good for 2021 pending you didn’t already cancel.

If you are planning to still visit Fontana pending any travel restrictions, they have taken measures to ensure cleanliness of their facility. The nature of the cabins/resort setup lends itself to the safe social distancing guidelines.

Final Notes TL;DR:

Event is officially cancelled.  Please be sure to read Fontana reservations status above. We (Abe) spent a bunch of money already gearing up for 2020 event. Please consider buying a swag pack or donating. (Edit: 3-23-20: Thanks to everyone for your generous support of the event. Funds have been recouped but additional donations/swag packs will benefit our charities) Thank you.

As long as Fontana is open and travel between states is allowed people will still travel to the area.

Since there will be no t-shirt pickup and the pre-purchase shirts refunded, if you still want to rock some WITW gear, please visit our TeeSpring store here.  

Everyone stay safe and healthy out there. 


Abe, Grant, Matt and the rest of the WITW team

*If you purchased a resold ticket you should reach out to the person you got it from.