United Motorsport WiTW 2016 Pricing & Flashes

As title sponsor again this year UM has some special pricing for us.

To schedule a flash at WiTW email fred@unitedmotorsport.net
$50 off N/A and ‘stage 1’ tunes
$100 off tunes above stage 1

$100 off Mk4 R32 N/A Launch/NLS
$100 off Mk4 R32 Combo engine/Haldex
$150 off Mk4 Race Combo: Launch/NLS/Haldex
$100 off Mk5 R32 Double Combo: Engine/DSG
$150 off Mk5 R32 Triple Combo: Engine/DSG/Haldex
$100 off Loaded Mk6 Golf R
$100 off Stock Turbo TTRS – Fully Loaded
$200 off Mk6 ProFlex Kit: Book before April 5 if you want hardware delivered at Wookies. We will load software at Wookies.
$100 off Mk7 Golf R Engine
$100 off Mk7 Golf R DSG
$150 off Mk7 Golf R Engine/DSG Combo

Haldex is $100 off: net Wookies pricing
Gen1: $550
Gen2: $600
Gen4: $600

Anything not covered by this list please email fred@unitedmotorsport.net

Standard Pricing for reference:
Mk4 R32: $299
Mk4 R32 Combo engine/Haldex: $850
Mk5 R32 Engine: $399
Mk5 R32 DSG: $499
Mk5 R32 Haldex: $699
Mk5 R32 Double Combo: $799
Mk5 R32 Triple Combo: $1399
R32 – Add User launch / spark cut/No lift: $150
Mk6 Golf R Loaded: $750
Mk6 Golf R Combo: Engine/Haldex : $1350
Mk6 Golf R Pro Flex kit: $1699
Mk7 Golf R: $699
Mk7 Golf R DSG: $699
Mk7 Golf R Combo: Engine/DSG: $1299
Mk2 TTRS Stock turbo: $899

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