2nd Annual Beer Exchange

It’s back and better than ever.


This is what happens:

Bring a favorite beer or other spirit of choice to the fire pits, we all throw them down to share and it’s like Christmas all over again.

Emphasis on beverages that are local or unique to your area or your heritage and enough to share!

Trying new things is always fun, right? Pretty simple eh?

If you’d like, please leave a comment below of what you are bringing and we all can get excited.

More details:

  • Fire pits are reserved after sunset Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Please those only 21 and older participating.
  • DO NOT Drink and Drive.  This is only for those that are staying in for the night.
But Dudes I am a first time attendee, I have no idea where the fire pits are?

23 Responses to 2nd Annual Beer Exchange

  • webmastermatt

    I’ll be bringing Revolution Anti-Hero IPA this year. http://revbrew.com/beer/detail/anti-hero-ipa

  • Ryan C

    I’m going to go spend too much money at the beer store and bring all kinds of deliciousness.

  • vdubnheadkc

    good chance to clean out the cellar…more of a beer “trader” than “sharer”…tend to stay sober at WiTW…driving>drinking.

  • Scott Z

    From maryland. Will bring some Natty Bo. It’s a local beer made here. If anything else send a request. I think I have some wine I can bring too.

  • Josh

    I will be bringing some Saranac from upstate NY and some Harpoon

  • Joel

    I am bringing a friend that does homebrew. He’ll have a few growlers and maybe even a keg of his delicious IPA or Cream Pale Ale. Looking forward to this!!

  • Denny

    Coming up from Florida.  Last year I brought (too much) Swamphead Big Nose IPA. I will probably only bring a gallon this year unless any interest expressed on here . . .

  • Joshua

    I will also try to track down some heady topper

    • Michael

      Sir if you can bring some Heady Topper I will literally do anything.  I tried Heady Topper once at my buddy’s who drove through Vermont and brought some to Chicago.  I only took a couple swigs but my god.  I’ve NEVER tasted any beer as good as that.

  • Sir Wooks Alot


  • Jamaal

    Can some one bring some zombie dust and or heady topper a six pack or 2, I can bring OTWOA from DC brau and will be bringing some homebrew as well

  • Chris

    anyone coming from anywhere in VT???  looking for some hill farmstead again…  ill be bringing a bunch of local craft stuff from north of the border here and second a zombie dust trade with someone!!!(moonshine as well…)

    • Jamaal

      Man if you can get 6 or 12 of zombie dust you can get some of the local dc stuff and OTWOA from DC brau

      • Chris

        hey man.  I’m in the same boat as you..  looking for the stuff I listed…I live in Canada so I’ll be bringing a bunch of good stuff you guys never heard of

    • Josh

      I live close by in NH so I can try to track some stuff down for you

      • Chris

        Nice!!  If you do.. awesome..  if not, I’m going to vermont in July…

  • MinnEsnowtah NICE

    I will drop by a few sixers of Summit and Surleys. I dont drink beer, but these are probably our most popular ones! THIRTY days!

  • Marc

    from Grand Rapids MI home of Founders and close to Bell’s…  Oberon was released Monday so some of that and Founders Two Hearted Ale or Dirty Bastard.

  • Joe

    Anybody want anything specific from the breweries in Tampa?

    Cigar City, 7th Sun, Florida Ave, Cycle, Coppertail?

  • Patrick

    I’m stopping in Hickory, NC at the Olde Hickory Tavern for some stellar bottles.

  • Jon

    Any requests from Minnesota / Wisconsin?  And how much does everyone bring along to share?

    • webmaster

      As much as you want. I usually just have a 6er to throw into the pile.

    • Sean

      Spotted Cow!!

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