WITW 14 Rally Decals Now Available!

Cruising to WITW?

Want a huge sticker to let everyone know you are? Maybe you just want to put it on your garage wall.


WITW ’14 Rally Decals are available up until March 22nd for $15 mailed to your door.

The first 75 paid are getting a smaller version included that is the same high quality material. 

There will also be a limited number available at the event on a first come first serve basis for $13 and the smaller decal will be $3. 

Please an email with your mailing address or if you would prefer to pick up your decal at the event.  Contact Chase at: chasepeck69@hotmail.com

2 Responses to WITW 14 Rally Decals Now Available!

  • webmaster

    All wookie noises need to be approved by Braden first. Thank you.

  • Matt

    How do I go about ordering a couple of these?

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