1st Annual Beer Exchange!

If someone wants to make something more formal out of this, please email us!

Otherwise we envision the exchange as such:

Bring a favorite beer or other spirit of choice to the fire pits, we all throw them down to share and it’s like Christmas all over again.

Emphasis on beverages that are local or unique to your area or your heritage and enough to share!

Trying new things is always fun, right? Pretty simple eh?

If you’d like, please leave a comment below of what you are bringing and we all can get excited.

More details:

  • Fire pits are reserved after sunset Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Please those only 21 and older participating.
  • DO NOT Drink and Drive.  This is only for those that are staying in for the night.

But sir, I have no idea where the fire pits are?

20 Responses to 1st Annual Beer Exchange!

  • Matt Sump

    Hi, I will be bringing Daisy Cutter by Half Acre out of Chicago. One of my favorite all time beers. http://halfacrebeer.com/daisy-cutter-pale-ale/

  • Jordan Ausley

    If I can figure out how to transport it effectively in my car, I’ll bring up two cases of Red Oak Amber Lager, brewed in Whitsett, NC. Most North Carolinians east of Winston-Salem will know of this beer, but it is one of the best beers out there in my opinion. It’s a Bavarian style lager that is smooth, easy to drink, brewed with only three ingredients and no additives or preservatives (must be chilled at all times) and loaded with flavor.

  • John Vorwerck

    I don’t drink anymore, but if anyone wants anything from Baltimore, let me know. (Flying dog, Heavy Seas, Brewer’s Art, Full Tilt(I wouldn’t recommend them)) I also have a Southren Tier Pumking that has been aging since this fall, I bought just because it’s hard to find. I don’t plan on drinking it, so if anyone wants me to bring it, let me know.

  • Matt Geldersma

    I will be bringing some North Country Brewing cans with me and maybe a growler or two of the non-canned varieties.  They are local to Slippery Rock, PA and just started canning.


      Matt, I love North Country’s beers! I’ll be looking for you there!

  • Chase Peck aka King James the VIII
    • brian v in KC

      my personal stock is running low…love to trade ounce for ounce.

  • brian v in KC

    in KC the local legend is obviously boulevard brewing company.
    only distribute in like 16-20 states, so hit me up with what ya need.
    many of their smokestack series bombers are amazing, limited, seasonal, and hard to come by…but if i can find it, i’ll bring it.  bringing a couple hundo bux of stuff to trade.

    • webmaster

      This is awesome Brian! Also thank you for getting me to teach myself how to get a sweet gravatar.

      • brian v in KC

        yeah…one forum i spent many lifetimes on i was “chief?mccloud!”
        it’s an MST3K thing…thought the gravatar would help.

    • Jack

      Bring some Bully Porter. I will be coming from the Syracuse, NY area so if you want anything in particular can bring down in exchange.

  • Mjay

    Once again this year I shall bring the pleasures of Pub Dog, White Dog and of the berry flavors and a random. If anyone has any request let me know!

  • ZPrime

    I can bring small amounts (space allowing) of beers from Great Lakes Brewing Co in Cleveland, but we/they are most known for the Christmas Ale which isn’t out now. :/ There’s also Thirsty Dog in Akron which is easily available up here.  If you have a request, either PM me on Vortex or e-mail me, zprime (shift+#2) big-geek DOT net.

    If anyone in the East Coast area or Chicago can get me a bottle of “Brenne” whiskey I will pay you cost (Should be around $40-60?) plus $10 finder’s fee.  It’s a French-made Scotch-style whiskey and I can’t get it here (other than paying crazy shipping and overpriced Internet cost).  I know it’s sold in both NYC and Chicago areas…

  • Lans Bierens

    I’m coming down from Beer City (Grand Rapids, MI).  I will be sure to bring a few of my favorite local brews!  Love craft beers!

    • brian v in KC

      bells hop slam; anything by founders, especially the breakfast stout series; or maybe some of the local brewpubs would be cool.  i miss my michigan beers.

  • Chris

    Just picked up a bunch of tall cans from some local craft places up here north of the border.

    a good mix and match for any beer lover…

    got some traditional IPA’s, a hoppy lager, a rye IPA, stout, seasonal (winter) ale, a pilsner, and some small batch experimental IPA’s.  I may or may not bring down some canadian (rye) whiskey. we’ll see.

    Still looking for some VT people if they’re coming…

  • Jack

    Some good porters not found in the northeast would be greatly appreciated. Will be bringing down some stuff from Ommegang if anyone knows their stuff and wants something specific.

  • Shy n Brad

    Surley Furious and some Summit is making the trip with us from Minnesotaaah! 🙂

  • Pawel

    this is great, since the word “spirit” is mentioned, can anyone guess as to what I’ll be bringing??!!  Muahahaha!

  • Josh

    Bringing some Saranac from upstate New York and some Harpoon from Boston

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